Bobbin’s Miracle Clue 5

This has been one of my favourite quilt-alongs we have done. I love each month being reminded of how much our fur-babies mean to us and how much we come to depend on their companionship. This clue has curves, but I have given you options so you don’t have to do curves if you’d rather not. I know you won’t be disappointed if you use the curves as they add so much more meaning to this already meaningful design.

PLEASE scroll to after the clue and pick up your templates. Remember to collect everything for your chosen size. Each size should have two files to download. ALSO, please print at 100% with no scaling, this always has to be from a device where you can set your own print options.

Bobbin’s Miracle curves ©Debi Montgomery

I can’t wait to see your units… you have heaps of options with this clue, I truly don’t mind which you choose. BUT, I would LOVE to see your blocks! Not many more clues now and we will complete Bobbin’s Miracle. Have an amazing day (week and month)! See you next month for another clue. ~Debi


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