SURPRISE!! This is the REVEAL… we’ve been sleuthing our way through this amazing design for over six weeks… You are going to love what you’ve created! Amazing what you can do with four fabrics and a little bit of imagination! This is way beyond gorgeous.

Twirly Birds ©Debi Montgomery

Have fun with this!! Can’t wait to see your interpretation… I know this looks washed out because of the colour of my floor, but it is absolutely STUNNING! ~Debi


2 responses to “Twirly Birds Clue 5”

  1. Nancy Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Nancy Fitzpatrick

    This is beautiful! I’m just now going to start on it and hopefully mine is as pretty as yours.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Awww thank you. I love my fabrics independent of each other, just wish had a better showing in the pic. ♥️ thank you so much.

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