Tea Party

Tea Party times

For those of you doing the New Years Tea Party, we will meet for the first clue at 9am New Zealand 2 January 2023. This will be 3pm on the east coast USA, and 10pm in the UK. The clues will come out every 3-4 hours with the 4th clue being the last one. Clue 2 – 1 pm NZT ( 7pm EST, 2am UK). Clue 3 4pm NZT (10pm EST, 5am UK). With clue 4 finishing us off at 6pm NZT (midnight EST, 7am UK).

I know the time difference means a lot of you can’t sew with me, but you will be able to see the videos on our YouTube channel and the clues will be right here on the website for a VERY LONG TIME!! Can’t wait to see what you do!! Here are my fabrics….

Tea Party Fabrics ©Debi Montgomery