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  • Twirly Birds Clue 4

    This clue brings some easy units. We are creating the centre star in two colour-ways to finish these two sets of blocks. Too much fun and I think it’s pretty easy to complete! Have so much fun with this! Can’t wait to see your units! Share on our FB group page! See you there… ~Debi

  • Twirly Birds Clue 3

    This clue brings us heaps of fun and heaps of triangles to play with. I enjoyed creating these blocks, nothing too repetitious as we don’t need very many of anything. Three sets of blocks for this one (maybe)! Can’t wait to see your versions! EDIT: I have added a video to help you with the…

  • Twirly Birds Clue 2

    Twirly Birds Clue 2

    Hope you’re ready for a new clue! I know I am… I just love this design and happy to be working on it with you… This clue brings more units like Clue 1 in a different colour-way and some easy square and rectangle units! Let’s get busy! Can’t wait to see yours!! I am off…

  • Twirly Birds Clue 1

    I am so excited to be at the start of a new mystery. You will find the requirements on this same webpage, just one more scroll down. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be working with!! Let’s do this! ENJOY! See you next week for clue 2 and more fun! ~Debi

  • Twirly Birds starts 5 Jan!

    I just wanted to remind you of our new design coming up this month! We will start Twirly Birds this Friday… 5 Jan. Below is a pic of my chosen fabrics, you can find the requirements on this same page or I think I may add them again here!! See you Friday 9am (New Zealand…

  • Twirly Birds Intro

    Sorry to blast your inbox again, but…. Here we are at the beginning of December, 2023. We won’t start this design until the 5th of January, 2024. That’s the first Friday in January and we will pick back up there and have another amazing year together. Many are working on Bonnie Hunter’s yearly mystery, hence…