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  • Lucky Stars Clue 4

    The “medallion” part of our design is complete. You may choose to stop with Clue 3, or move on with Clue 4 or further… I will keep going until I have it large enough for my king size bed, between 100″ and 105″. This clue is easy to complete, just a bit time consuming with…

  • Lucky Stars Clue 3

    Sorry this is so quick after Clue 2, but I was totally under water yesterday with a 50 year flood event. What does one do when you’re a castle with a VERY LARGE moat?? I sew… SO, I got clue 3 ready for you… I need to finish sewing these, then I will move on…

  • Lucky Stars Clue 2

    Ready or not, let’s keep sewing on our medallion quilt, our sew along. Remember we are sewing together. I make one unit for the instructions, otherwise, we are stitching along “in real time”! Let’s get stitching! Show me your flying geese!!! Happy Stitching… ~Debi