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  • Autumn Breeze Clue 4

    Elaine is very happy to bring clue 4 to you. She is so happy with how your autumn projects are coming along. This clue is stunning and I can’t wait to see your colourful blocks for this one as well. What fun we are having!! ENJOY!!

  • Autumn Breeze Clue 3

    Elaine has outdone herself with this one. There are so many options for different outcomes, from placemats to bed quilts this is an AMAZING beauty. I can’t wait to see what you create!! This block we see things come together. Elaine, You Are Amazing!

  • Autumn Breeze Clue 2

    Elaine has given the okay to publish clue 2 for you. For this clue you will need to pick up the stem template as well. Both are below and you need to scroll past the pic to the file name right below. I am so looking forward to seeing your units from this clue! There…

  • Autumn Breeze Clue 1

    These will be published on New Zealand’s Monday (Sunday for others around the world). Since it is my Monday… here we go with clue 1!!! I have also included the template Elaine mentions for this clue… I can’t wait to see what you’re doing for this lovely autumn project! Don’t forget to use the 1″…

  • Autumn Breeze Fabric Requirements

    I am so excited Elaine created this amazing project for us. I love that I get to get in on the mystery!! She’s created some fun for us here. I can’t wait to pull fabrics and sew with you this time. THANK YOU ELAINE!! Here are the fabric requirements. I do know Elaine has created…