Revealed Mysteries Stardust

Stardust Clue 3

It’s the 10th of March and with the 10th of each month comes our monthly clue for a beautiful project. I can’t wait to share this one with you. These are pretty easy blocks for this clue, but the units very important for the overall design to really pop.

A bit of history on the “10th” of each month… when we hit 10K members in our FB group, we did a mystery (Soul Mates) to celebrate. We decided to release those clues on the 10th of each month to celebrate the milestone. It kind of just stuck! I love coming up with the monthly mystery. Sometimes it is a bit more tricky, so giving us a month to complete is needed. This month, it isn’t tricky but you still have the month to complete. Can’t wait to see yours!

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