Revealed Mysteries Tea Party

Tea Party Cutting Charts

I am so excited to share these cutting requirements with you! You will have til 1 January 2023 to get these cut. I would “store” them by clue. The cutting charts ARE repeated in each clue, if you cut now, you will not cut on New Years, you will only stitch along with me.

Please also remember this is a sew along. I go to great lengths to make sure these charts are accurate. I have cut from them and sewn one block for each to make sure I have it all. BUT, it has not been tested by anyone else. Everyone will be sewing WITH me. There are 11 pages here, but when you are finished, you will have cut an ENTIRE quilt! Take your time, we have til 1 Jan to get it all cut.

This pic is from an upcoming mystery (Lace Doily), but this is how I stack my “clues” with their units:

Lace Doily ©Debi Montgomery

Please print your chosen size template -10 is for the 10″ blocks, -12 is for the 12″ blocks, and -15 for the 15″ blocks. I found with the 15″, I needed to make sure I got the seam allowance on the paper, you may have to “draw” those corners. These are for Clue 1 cutting…