Picnic Perfect Revealed Mysteries

Picnic Perfect Clue 4

SURPRISE!!! Not only is this a day early, but also, it is the reveal for this amazing design. I decided to release this early as our usual release day for clues is Friday (9:00am NZtime), but as March would have it, Friday is the 10th and the day our monthly mystery clue goes live as well. So, ENJOY this wee gift of a day or two to finish up. I just have to go choose what we do next. I think I will go back to the FB poll and bring the next one on the poll to the top again. Be watching for the fabric requirements reminder!

**There was a typo in the previous set of instructions. I have corrected this and this should be correct now. Thanks to you for finding it. Remember, we are stitching together so this hasn’t been tested!!

***Edited again with the correct clue! Silly me!

Picnic Perfect ©Debi Montgomery

Enjoy your day. I can’t wait to see your versions of this fun quilt!