Another week has passed and here we are at clue 2 of Our fun Picnic Perfect design. I can’t wait to share this easy clue with you… no more talking, here’s the clue!!

Picnic Perfect ©Debi Montgomery


4 responses to “Picnic Perfect Clue 2”

  1. Esther Oldenberg Avatar
    Esther Oldenberg

    Are there sub cuts of the strip sets?

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Those sun-cuts are in the assembly instructions. Hope this helps!!

  2. Kandy Fraley Avatar
    Kandy Fraley

    I can’t find the sub-cut information in assembly instructions. Please help me locate how to complete this clue.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I’m making sure everything uploaded, then I’ll sort out where the instructions are. If sewing with strip-sets, those are in the assembly instructions. All others will be in the cutting charts.

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