Knight Time Revealed Mysteries

Knight Time

I just moved Knight Time from our “Upcoming Mysteries” page to the “Current Mystery” page. I gave you the intro a while back and thought I would bring it back to your attention so you can be gathering fabrics. We will begin this one 9 December 2022. I will slow those clue releases to two weeks between until after the first of the year as I know this is a very busy time for a lot of us and I don’t want you stressing over clues.

Go have a look at Knight Time Intro for the fabric requirements. I can’t wait to see your choices. Message me or upload to our FB page… or tag me on instagram @mystery.quilts.anonymous or you can hashtag #mqaknighttime and it will go into the “album”. Can’t wait! My fabrics pictured here…

Knight Time ©Debi Montgomery