Knight Time Revealed Mysteries

Knight Time Clue 5

I am so excited to share this clue with you! It has been a challenging day in the Montgomery household. We started the day pretty normal, but before we were even fully out of bed our 14-1/2 year old yorkie had some sort of an episode. She is blind and deaf now and only has about 4 teeth left, but she loves life. She wasn’t herself and was crying a curdling scream. We made plans and hard decisions as she wouldn’t eat or drink and hadn’t for a good 24 hours. We took her to the vet this afternoon expecting the worst (the vet brought that injection with him into the room feeling the same way – he’s the best vet on the planet!). After looking her over and asking how our horrible day had progressed, we decided as a family to try some pain relief and some anti-inflammatory medication and watch and wait for 24 hours. He is thinking she has a herniated disc causing nerve pain and her lack of movement and head issues. We are thankful we have our baby for another day…at least. It has been a roller coaster of emotions today for sure.

I usually have this scheduled to post before now, but at least you will still get it on time and Zoey is on her comfy bed right here beside me resting right now. Here is our baby girl on the way home from the vet today (Thursday). She and I are in the back seat of our mini. Don’t look at me, I had been craying all day!! She is coping well for now.

Zoey Girl ©Debi Montgomery
Knight Time ©Debi Montgomery