This design came about while playing (oops designing) for a wedding gift. I challenged myself to “stick to the plan” and create something centred around the home and the people in the home. I’m thinking I did a great job, because I LOVE THIS ONE!! I truly can’t wait to share this with you. We have some curves along the way, but don’t fret…if you don’t want to do the curves, you can do HSTs or optional blocks instead. Otherwise, this is suitable for someone who is confident in their seam allowance and can create HSTs. A true beginner could even accomplish this, but don’t let that steer you away, even the accomplished quilter will enjoy this and how it all comes together in the end!! We will start this 28 July 2023 as there are a fair few fabrics to collect. This gives you two weeks (from today) to collect and finish what you’re working on…our last mystery!

Household of Faith ©Debi Montgomery

Remember, 28 July 2023 for Clue 1… can’t wait to see your fabric choices! Have a great weekend! ~Debi


7 responses to “Household of Faith Intro”

  1. Chetyl Avatar

    Is there still time to sign up?

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      No need to sign up, just watch your emails for when I upload the clues…if you’ve subscribed to receive them. Can’t wait to see your fabrics. You can post them on our FB group page…

  2. Linda Lomelin Avatar
    Linda Lomelin

    Is your main 5 and contrast 5 the darks?

  3. Melissa Avatar

    How often do the clues arrive? I”m so excited for this one!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      They will be in your inbox every Friday 9am (New Zealand time) until we finish. This one is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to share!

  4. do you have a sneak peak for those who want to see?

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I don’t normally have a sneak peek as we are so busy always creating new ones, but shoot me an email ( and I’ll be happy to send you a peek.

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