Household of Faith Clue 2

Here is the second clue and a couple easy blocks for us to complete before next Friday… Have fun with these, remember my fabrics are just suggestions as long as you keep that main fabric (my solid blue in the pic below) the same for a secondary pattern to peek through, you are going to be amazed.

Household of Faith ©Debi Montgomery

ENJOY!! Can’t wait to see your blocks for this clue! ~Debi


2 responses to “Household of Faith Clue 2”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    hi! so I’m the one that mixed up the two fabrics on the curves from clue 1. Put my main fabric where the contrast should be, and the contrast where the main should be. Which is fine! I never got a visit from the Quilt Police!! hahah. But, I ‘m wondering now, Do I need to continue to switch those fabrics as the clues progress, to keep the secondary pattern?

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      If it were me, knowing the end result, with clue 2 I would use the fabrics you chose for the positions stated. They don’t touch or won’t draw away from the curves. I think you’ll be really happy with using the original fabrics. I’m so looking forward to seeing this one! I’m watching with bated breath. Let’s work through each clue together, talking before you cut. Can’t wait!!

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