Chained Stars Revealed Mysteries

Chained Stars…

For those of you working on Chained Stars with me. In the size I am making (12″ blocks) we need 2-1/4″ strips (or squares) for those chains. I am going through the scrap bins in my colours now and pulling everything I can cut down to 2-1/4″. The background for this block can be cut scraps as well, just know they need to be 4″ x 5-5/8″. I may change my mind and choose a constant for my background so I don’t have to worry about the sizes of these units. OR use yardage “scraps” so I can have larger cuts.

We will need 9-patch and 4-patch units with our “colours” for these chains. I thought I would give you a heads up, if you’re using scraps for these like me… I have uploaded a clue 1 pdf so you can pull and be cutting what you need for these chains. I will update the clue 1 pdf once I have the instructions complete and have the pics for you. In other words, once I have pulled enough for one block to stitch and take pics of!!

Don’t forget to scroll to the Download button by the file name to save or print.