Notes Quarantined


I have designed a new quilt. My inspiration for this one is quilters from the past. They told stories, recorded history, maybe even changed history with their masterpiece works of art. I want to follow in their footsteps and record a bit of 2020 world history.

I love this quilt and the meaning behind it. I love that I got 250+ positive feedback messages ( in ONE HOUR) on FB when I tossed the idea out to you. You are an amazing group of people and I am a better person because of you.

Some clues for the quilt so far: DEFINITELY scrappy worthy. It has three colours that you could easily make light, medium, and dark. If you stay in your hues, you will see the pattern clearly. Monochrome is also great, as is bright or colourful, meaning use maybe a heap of different colours for you medium (or one of the others) or even a fabric line. You could even have a constant for any one or more of your colour choices. I am writing up the fabric requirements (no special tools) now…

Watch this space! ~Deb