Musings (Blog)

Weird thing happened…

I was busy about my studio as one does when it is raining outside on a spring day, and I was organising my fabrics… yardage scraps included. Crazy thing is, while I was sortingeverything into colour piles, these two fabrics just jumped out at me and said…”PLEASE work with us next!” I guess I need to either get busy with a new design for these two fabrics OR find something I haven’t cut yet and slot those fabrics in the line-up instead. The purply colour is the one I used in Stars Over Bethlehem. The batik is a gift I got recently. They are so perfect together, I can’t wait to get something started.

Has this ever happened to you?? Fabrics from two different countries jump at the same time and speak to you? Does fabric speak to you? Am I the weird one?

©Debi Montgomery

I have been so busy and working with several guilds to get mysteries in their line ups for next year, my stack of fabrics just keeps getting taller. The project pile is now at least six projects deep. AND I want to make some Christmas gift bags! Christmas is less than a month away!