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New Classes starting soon!

SO, I designed an easy to accomplish quilt for us to go back to the basics and refresh our memory or maybe learn a new technique. We will be working on a design I call Wind Blown. I have included a lot of tips and tricks along the way… We are sewing together. The fabric requirements are my absolute best guess, which is usually pretty accurate to a bit too much fabric. I am making videos along the way for beginners who may not know a lot of terms or procedures we use all the time. This first set of classes is geared more for beginners or those who maybe haven’t pieced in a while and need to refresh their minds with today’s lingo! Although, many will enjoy the step by step look into my crazy brain! I have the first few videos completed, but I am only about one clue ahead of you, this is going to be fun. Our other sew-along Classic Vintage is progressing well with the re-design, the next couple clues should be out by mid February! Cool beans!

More classes to come… all sorts of triangles, using curves or straight lines, how to avoid pitfalls and mistakes… I am even going to have some classes on design and writing instructions. I am so excited for everything coming this year! These first classes are free. With more detailed classes there will be class fees in the future, just fair warning. It does take a lot of my time to prepare for classes and I do enjoy helping with the bills around the house. I also love helping others.

I have included a pic of the fabrics I chose for this class. Please watch this space for details on the classes and times or how they will be working… Please comment on how often you think you could “sit in” on a class…once a week, once a month, a couple times a week, every second week… we have heaps of options. And while you’re commenting, please let me know what you’d like to see taught… anything I can help with??? Can’t wait to hear from you…

Wind Blown ©Debi Montgomery