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My Knight

Who is up for a FAST project, not necessarily simple, but I think anyone can accomplish it with some help. The thing is… I am doing this one to dedicate to MY knight, my hubby. I am going to try to get this one complete and on the bed by 3 March 2022. That gives me exactly 3 weeks! I designed part of this while he was here. He left yesterday to make a long journey to Key West Florida USA where his parents spend the summer with his brother. His mum has had a few strokes this year and he really needed to see her. Our children that are in CA and AZ, will also be traveling to see him while he is there.

So here’s the story. There are some interesting blocks in this quilt, all with a very special meaning. I used a curved hourglass to represent the eternity symbol, but you could easily make a “straight” hourglass in place of my curves. I made what look like fortress walls to show him the protection and security I find in him. There are two knot variation blocks in there as well as the star he helped with. I am thinking I will give you a sneak peek at the (computer generated) finish so you can plan your colours better as this is going to be super fast. He’s been gone 24 hours and I completed the design and pulled some fabrics!!

Please don’t feel you have to sew with me, I will leave the clues uploaded here on the website. I have added a pic of my fabrics here. He knows I am working on it, just not that I want to complete it before he arrives home. I’ll get the written fabric requirements out VERY soon so you can actually sew with me if possible.

Hope you can join me!