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Five Years Strong

I sit here amazed that I started this fantastic journey five years ago this week. I was in the US for my mum’s funeral. Prior to her passing, I had been working with larger websites (Quilters Club of America and the Quilting Company) to get my designs and patterns out there. It was hard to meet their expectations and deadlines while traveling, grieving, and living in a different country. Although I enjoyed working for others, I did everything volunteer to try to grow others’ websites and businesses.

I decided since I wasn’t getting paid anyway, why not step out on my own. After fulfilling all pattern contracts, I started our Facebook group page on 3 July 2018, while on the road from Ohio (my parents home) and Colorado (daughter’s home). I thought I would maybe get a few followers or friends along the way. What started as a way to give of the talents God gave me, has grown way beyond my expectations in these five years. I started the group because I LOVE MYSTERY QUILTS and could never find something I hadn’t already done. Most designers put out one mystery a year… I was determined to be working on something at all times.

As a celebration of five years, I sat down last night and designed a quilt, Window of Time. I am going to offer this to you as a sew-along celebration. I haven’t even thought this completely through, I just know I want to “party” with YOU, for without YOU, there would be no Mystery Quilts Anonymous. I know this “window” will pass, but this design will tell our story!

There are so many options with this design, we have to sew together! As I sat and played with it, rotating one block or set of blocks I got a different look. I want you to see this process and play along with me! I am thinking of making a video of the design and the rotations I made… knowing you could make a myriad of changes rotating different blocks. I am only offering the 12″ blocks, but you can add a border to make it larger. It is currently a large lap/twin, measuring about 68″ x 84″. It is designed on point, but don’t worry… I will be with you each step of the way. YOU GOT THIS. I figure if I can do it, you can too!

I am going to get busy with the “thinking it through” and you can get busy collecting fabrics! ENJOY!

Window of Time ©Debi Montgomery

I didn’t see that thread until I uploaded the pic! Now I can’t un-see it!! I don’t know why these fabrics keep speaking to me, but they do, I will listen and work to get a dark brown for that background. Can’t wait to sew with you! ~Debi