Hugs & Cuddles

Hugs & Cuddles Clue 5

We are almost finished with this lovely. I am in love with the design, colours, and layout size I chose for this amazing quilt. This is just gorgeous and well worth all the effort we are putting in. I can’t wait to share… just one more month… We will complete this project on the 10th of December… Just in time to start a new project for January… Can’t wait to get busy with something for you!

This clue has curves again, can’t have a hug without a few curves. 12″ block size needs c5 template, 10″ blocks have “10” in the template name. We also need a set of templates we used in a previous clue. You will find that one (if you didn’t keep it) on the clue 1 page. Don’t forget today’s template.

REMEMBER, there are three files attached here. You will need to click on the “Download” button for the clue, then the template of your chosen size. C5 is for the 12″ size. 10-bdr is for the 10″size.