Family Is Everything

Family Is Everything Clue 4

This is VERY EASY and quick! You need to know what your layout is (size wise), to know how many to cut, but for the most part, everyone needs four or more of all these units, LAP watch your cutting… you cut less.

This clue has TWO templates. You will find the curved template. Please print these at 100% with no scaling. It is a 12-1/2″ “drunkards path” that I am calling “family circle” instead. Your short side should measure 3-1/2″ NOW. And the “pie” should have 9-1/2″ sides.

Second template is the paper dolls. I took a pic of mine with a ruler in the pic to help you with size. You should be able to shrink and enlarge to suit your needs. The heart template is where I cut the arms out after folding my paper doll template. If you want them connected, just remember your childhood and making paper dolls… fold your paper.

Any questions….. just let me know!! HAVE FUN!