Double Take

Double Take Clue 3

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to move on to this next clue! We have some HSTs to do for this clue, I chose the easy 8 method for these as I find making them this way just makes them completed very quickly. This is another double easy clue for you! Can’t wait to see your completed units.

This week has been very busy for me. I feel like I just gave you a clue and it’s already been a week! We are going to just keep plowing forward with this one and we will be finished very soon. This is such an amazing pattern and you are going to be shocked by it’s beauty for how easy it is!

Let me know how you accomplish HSTs (half square triangles). I am always up to learn a new process. I know how to assemble from two squares the same size and the magic (or easy) 8 method. I want to know your favourite way!

Without more rambling from me, here’s clue 3! Remember to scroll past the pic and hit the download title for best results.