Ziggy Doodles Clue 3

We will continue to zig and zag our way through the cutesy quilt! I absolutely LOVE the finished product. We have several small units to create to make our large squares so take your time and have fun with it. I can’t wait to see your progress! I told you this was a quick project, so hang in there, we are almost finished!

Ziggy Doodles ©Debi Montgomery


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  1. Maria F Avatar
    Maria F

    I am looking at cutting instructions, then sewing instructions and the related photo for the half square triangles after the initial flying geese and before Part 3 cutting instructions.
    The photo clearly shows HST of light and med/light, and also light and dark, but these Instructions seem to indicate to sew HSTs of med/light and dark only. No mention of the 8 cut light 4 inch squares at all. “”We need to draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of our lightest fabric (MEDIUM/LIGHT)
    and mate with the DARK. We will stitch 1/4” to the left and right of the line we drew. Cutting on
    the line, pressing toward the darker fabric, and trimming down to 3-1/2” (4-1/4”) gives us HSTs
    to complete these two parts of this unit.
    Each of these units should measure 6-1/2” (8”)
    once complete and pressed in the easiest (flat) way you can””
    I don’t see any m/l and dark HSTs anywhere in the photos.
    Please clarify. Thank you

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      You gave an email address, may I help via email?

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