Current Mystery Three Wishes

Three Wishes Intro

I am super excited to be at the start of another beautiful mystery with you. This might be the second design I have given to you with the “what was I thinking?” when I named this one?!?!?!?!!!!!! I think some of it reminded me of a genie bottle or something! Oh well! I just want to remind you before you collect your fabrics for this one, CONTRAST! CONTRAST! CONTRAST! Contrast is the key to a beautiful ending. I wasn’t sure I had enough contrast between my black and blue, but in the end I LOVE IT!! This design is easy and straight forward. AND GORGEOUS!

Three Wishes ©Debi Montgomery

Let’s start on this one on 8 September, 2023. Please share your fabric choices with me, either via email or our FB group page. I am so excited to see yours! In the meantime, we will be working on Bobbin’s Miracle (to tell Bobbin Thimblina’s amazing recovery story) and Give Way (our scrappy two-colour design). See you for this one on 8 Sept!! ~Debi