I know we are only two clues in to our current mystery, but I wanted to get the next mystery requirements out for you to collect or shop for your masterpiece! I love this mystery, I love the story it tells and the gorgeous-ness of the design. I love my fabrics, but fair warning, they didn’t photograph as beautiful as they are! Look at those stars on the white fabric!! TOO MUCH FUN!

Stardom ©Debi Montgomery

Can’t wait to see what you choose!! I LOVE THIS DESIGN!!!!!!! ~Debi


2 responses to “Stardom Intro”

  1. Suzy Boyle Avatar
    Suzy Boyle

    Does Stardom have monthly clues?

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      This one is our next “weekly” clue design. We will finish Double Down, then begin with Stardom. This design is a favourite amongst my testers!! You’re gonna love it!

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