Second try to get this on the website correctly…. seems some of us are getting a 404 error. Hoping this fixes everything.

We should have this design finished well before Christmas… Here is clue 2 for you. This clue has curves, but you can easily replace with HST units… I love the curves. Please pic up your templates for the curves, or use some you have that will finish at 3″ or 4″. It is a drunkard’s path unit. Don’t forget these should measure 3-1/2″ or 4-1/2″ before we put them in the block. You can also find the templates in the “templates” tab on the home page. We have more HST units as well….too much fun! Can’t wait to see your blocks. Don’t look too closely at mine… I lost a point! In my defense, I have been coughing for two weeks!

One WAY ©Debi Montgomery

This has the corrected 9″ cutting and assembly charts… Thanks to those who found the error. I am making the 12″ blocks, so I learnt to double check all sizes before we sew together. This is a sew along! ENJOY!! ~Debi


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