Celebration Current Mystery Spin Out

New Years Mystery Intro

I know we all look forward to our ONE day sew along on New Years Day each year. I am giving you the requirements now that you will need. These are generous because I have had this tested by quite a few and the consensus is they wanted a border to finish it off. Therefore, I added fabric to finish off the borders like I did. I changed the sizes offered, and I also changed a block out for ease of completing in one day… Remember we are sewing together, with me just ahead of you so I can write the clues for you, pardon any typos you may see.

EDITED to add the choosing fabrics video at the end of the post.

Spin Out (NYD2024) ©Debi Montgomery

I can’t wait to see your fabrics! Let’s do this… watch for the videos on YouTube as we sew along! ~Debi

Edited to add our “Test Run” for Spin Out… the New Year’s Day mystery… important info in this one!!