Give Way Cutting Charts

These cutting charts are for the ENTIRE quilt. PLEASE NOTE: there are so many options along the way, please read each paragraph at the beginning of each clue’s charts. I would hate for you to cut too many or not enough pieces for our design. These are for the two colour option. You can use scraps of any size, I give you options to use larger scraps or smaller scraps… please don’t cut both!! Just asking you to please watch the charts and read IN ADVANCE. I highlighted my desired cutting charts so I didn’t cut everything too many times. You will some of the templates as well, please print what you need at 100% with no scaling. You will not need everything. They are well labeled with 9″ and 12″, so print your size and the templates you will be using per the cutting charts.

Can’t wait to see your piles for each clue! Let’s do this! Have an amazing day! ~Debi


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