As we wind down on this scrappy journey, I haven’t used nearly the amount of scraps that I thought I would. I am amazed by what you can get out of a fat quarter! I may have to make MORE scrappy challenges for us to try to bring the wild scrap piles under control! This is the one of the last clues, it is the last for the centre. I would love to see how you arrange your blocks! I have one more clue to use more scraps in a semi-pieced border…. clue 5 will be out shortly… followed closely by clue 6 with “my” version of how I see it!!

Give Way ©Debi Montgomery

Can’t wait to see your scrap piles, your scrappy stars, and your scrappy arrows… Have an amazing day!! ~Debi


2 responses to “Give Way Clue 4”

  1. Yes please!! More scrappy quilt patterns! I love a good scrappy quilt.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I love how many pieces we can get from what I feel are “small” scraps!! I’ve learnt so much with this challenge.

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