Category: Knot Today!

  • Knot Today! Clue 4

    Another super easy clue for this week. We are doing a couple more sets of blocks. We are VERY CLOSE to having everything ready for our layout. I can’t wait to share with you! But, for this week, here is clue 4! Pretty excited to share this with you! Have an amazing day and week!…

  • Knot Today! Clue 3

    Trust me when I say this design is so simple to complete, but GORGEOUS all at the same time!! This week’s clue is just a bunch of HSTs for an amazing set of blocks. Have fun with them! Enjoy! I can’t wait to see your work so far! Have a fantastic day! ~Debi

  • Knot Today! Clue 2

    How easy are you finding this so far?!?! Let’s just keep going with easy and complete a few more blocks! You are going to love this design! I can’t wait to see your versions (insert very excited face here!!). Have an amazing day and week! ENJOY! ~Debi

  • Knot Today! Clue 1

    Let’s get cutting and assembling this easy design. You will love how quickly this design goes together. I am loving the fabrics I am seeing on our FB group page (Mystery Quilts Anonymous private group, come join us!) with many choosing fabrics that I don’t use a lot, so I get to see some FUN!!…

  • Knot Today! Intro

    Guess what?!?!?! It’s time to start collecting fabrics for a new mystery. This one is SUPER easy. We have HST and flying geese units and ONE AMAZING DESIGN! This is very good for a beginner or an advanced quilter alike. This design is so much fun! You’re gonna love it! This design requires NO special…